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Trust Agents

1. Your Web site needs to me unique because sites without any styling or editing are seen as less trustworthy as opposed to well-dressed pages.

2. Creating a human network is essential to building trust among your target audience because the more people that support the product, the more trustworthy it appears.

3. Giving back to those that help you is another important component of success because it builds strong affiliations and partnerships that help both parties

4. Connect with the bloggers, current or potential customers and investors in the industry that you’re entering so that you can find out their needs and establish a relationship. Make your name known so that people know who you are when your product finally launches.

5. Respond to and respect those who comment on your product. Accept it as a way to make you more successful.

6. Remember you have to earn your success. You won’t be lucrative just because you have a good idea. It’s all about the execution and follow through.

7. Engage communities related to your product. Allow people to easily give you feedback on your product. This establishes a relationship with your audience and builds your credibility because it makes them think that you value their opinions and needs.

8. Be bold about your company’s purpose and end goal.

9. Get exposure anyway possible and with a medium that is well known to your potential customers.

10. Be gracious to your customers. Promote your supporters and customers and mention their impact publicly.

More from The DIP

1. Most people are afraid to quit because it is difficult and requires individuals to accept that they’ll never be #1

2. Superstar Thinking-If you want to we a superstar you have to find an industry with a steep dip (barrier between those who try and those who succeed). You must quit the projects and investments that do not offer the same opportunity

3. One HUGE reason why people fail to become the best in the world-Individuals focus on the short term instead of the long (and quit when the short term gets too hard)

4. It is possible that you are not talented enough to be the best. “But in every relevant area I can think of, no, it’s not likely. You are good enough. The question is, will you take the shortcut you need to get really good at this” (Godin 2007: 34).

5. Risk Dip-Successful entrepreneurs understand the difference between making a bad investment and investing to get through a dip.

6. Ego Dip-A lot of people fail because they can’t surrender their spotlight for the benefit of the organization

7. It is possible to make it through the dip that your competitor has created

Things leaned from my mock presentation!

1. Take out some of the obesity statistics

2. Add one slide about market analysis and research

3. Give brief description of product instead of an elevator pitch

4. Fix a couple grammar errors

5. Change location of some slides

6. Bring in poster boards that show an example of what my product will look like

7. Make text a little bigger in some areas

The Dip

1. Individuals that are among the best in their field are not the best because they are lucky but because they did not quit.

2. Quitting can be a great strategy and a smart way to manage your life or career.

3. You can’t be the best in the world at everything, therefore you have to give up (quit) other pursuits to become the best at one thing.

4. Number one matters because we have limited time and opportunities to experiment so we narrow our choices to the best known

5. Everyone looks for the best doctors, lawyers etc. therefore those individuals who are the best receive enormous rewards

6. Being at the top matters because there are very few people who have achieved that status

7. “Best is subjective. I (the consumer) get to decide, not you. World is selfish. It’s my definition, not yours. It’s the world I define, based on my convenience or my preferences, right now” (Godin 2007: 10).

Chapter 6 Change by Design


1. traditional advertising has become less successful since we have become exposed to increasing amounts of information which have caused are judgments and decision making to become more complex.

2. Therefore, storytelling has become the most influential marketing tool, because it puts our ideas into context and gives them meaning.

3. It is also essential to design with time: allow a story to unfold over time, this has prompted designers to experiment with narrative techniques such as the use of storyboards and scenarios

4. Give people a scenario or story on how the product would work for them-beginning, middle and end

5. It is crucial to create a story telling model that engages the audience over time, because this allows them to actively participate in their own unique stories

6. “An experience that unfolds over time, engages participants, and allows them to tell their own stories will have resolved two of the biggest obstacles in the path of every new idea: gaining acceptance in one’s own organization and getting it out into the world” (Brown, 136).

7. Most good ideas fail because they were not acceptance within the organization

8. “At the heart of any good story is a central narrative about the way an idea satisfies a need in some powerful way” As it unfolds, the story will give every character represented in it a sense of purpose and will unfold in a way that involves every participant in the action (Brown, 137).

9. The story should be convincing but not overwhelming with detail.

10. New ideas need to diffuse on their on, because if your employees or customers do not understand it they will not be able to help make it a success. Example, Intel’s ability to build a global brand although consumers could not see or hold the product. After made it success in desktops, then pushed to make it popular for laptops. They did that by producing a video that allowed consumers to see how their mobile lives would change by their proposed product.

11. Storytelling can play obvious role in communicating its value to the intended audience so that they want to go buy it.

12. New ideas need to tell a meaningful story in a compelling way if they want to be heard.

13. Good example on pg. 142 (MINI Cooper Brand)-David and Goliath

14. You must create and execute your strategies that get people talking, so that can become part of the story.

15. ” Effective storytelling, as part of a larger campaign of using the element of time to advance an integrated program of design thinking, relies on two critical moments: the beginning and end. Storytelling should continue from the beginning through the end” (Brown, 145).

16. Storytelling should be an ongoing, open-ended narrative that engages people and encourages them to carry it forward and write their own conclusions.

Elevator Pitch

Are you or somebody you know always looking for people to play pick-up games with? If so, I have created a Web site/blog that links collegiate athletes who want to organize practices or pick-up games during school breaks. It could actually be used by anybody who loves to play sports. This Web site/blog is a great tool for collegiate athletes who are forced to pay large fees or drive long distances to join summer teams. It would easily allow you to locate other individuals or collegiate athletes who are looking for some competition.

10 Things learned from “Trust Agents”

1. “Build an army”-It is important to look for like-minded people who can make up your army, because you are limiting your success by working alone. “An individual can gain a lot of influence by acting alone, but doing so is missing half the picture” (Brogan, Smith; 2009).

2. It is better to work with an army of like-minded friends and clients than an army of ronin (soloists) who have their own agendas.

3. It is imperative that you scale your product, because you do not want it to lose its personal touch. Mechanizing your online presence could destroy your product’s language and personality. “It is the difference between passionate home-brewed beer aficionados and mass-produced mainstream beer” ( Brogan, Smith; 2009).

4. You can maintain your personal online presence by saying a few words back to your customers, visiting other people’s sites and promoting people within your loyal community.

5. Its vital to bring your own dial tone, because you need to be able to use the Web’s various communication tools to communicate with your potential customers, employees, peers and champions.

6. You need to understand your army’s place in the complex web of social contracts. The social contract that you create with all of your relationships needs to be transparent and clear.

7. Make the vision of your Web efforts clear to your army. You can do this by sharing books, articles or blog posts that reflect your shared vision.

8. Your success relies on the ability of your army to internalize your efforts, ideas and overall goals and make them their own.

9. Part of being a trust agent is equipping others to execute your thoughts and ideas. It also requires a mix of tactics and strategies that benefit other careers.

10. It is imperative for you to understand your own perspectives and the way you frame them, because this shapes the model and potential success of your product. If there is not a logical link between your perspectives and the way you frame them, your online presence will most likely fail.

Five more things learned from problogger

1. Thank your readers for their comments, involve them in your blogging and promote sites that they maybe involved with. This helps build relationships that could benefit you in the future.

2. It is crucial to start a blog about a unique topic such as new trends, products or ideas.

3. Take time to cover your topic differently and with a more unique voice than other bloggers. This will earn you a trademark that may help you attract and keep your readers.

4. Write about content that helps people, solves a problem or improves peoples lives, because these are topics that attract individuals. People are always looking for solutions to their daily problems.

5. Make sure that you express your opinion, because bloggers who do that get more attention and attract additional followers.

10 things I learned from

1. To be successful at making your blog a business, you need to get as much advice as you can from your partner, bank, accountant and other bloggers.

2. Collaborating with other bloggers can increase your success.

3. Invest in training, because selecting the right books, courses and memberships will leave you with a higher return than the initial training costs.

4. If you treat all of your readers as potential paying customers, your percentage of paying clients will increase overtime.

5. Good design is crucial to successful blogging, because bloggers do not have very long to make a good impression.

6. Narrow your target audience by focusing on a few topics, because readers may become confused by inconsistent content.

7. It is important to comment on other blogs that are similar to yours, because it will attract people to your blog.

8. Keep a steady editorial schedule, because people want continual updates and changing your topics or being casual with your posting can scare away good readers.

9. It is crucial to set a plan for how you will maintain your blog and respond to your followers if your readership and postings double.

10. Use Twitter, Facebook, USTREAM, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social networks to make your presence known. This is how you can attract additional followers.

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